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Heartwarming / Mix Beer With Liquor And You Will Get Sicker

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  • After their Roll in the Hay, Lauchlan feels a bit awkward and insecure about sleeping with Corbin in his bed; he tries to fold himself in a rather uncomfortable position so as not to bother his companion. Corbin, already quite drowsy, takes Lauchlan's arm and wraps it around himself, snuggling up to Lauchlan who, being the Cuddle Bug he is, finds this very agreeable.
  • Corbin, coarse as he tends to be, is incredibly nice and understanding in chapter 11 when Lauchlan has his breakdown, and generally shows to be there for Lauchlan whenever it comes to unhappy things to deal with.
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  • Following his breakdown, Lauchlan goes to bed but can't quite sleep yet. The moment Corbin crawls under the blanket next to him, Lauchlan just embraces him and dozes off practically instantly, being fully content and at peace.
  • In chapter 16, Lauchlan already knows that he loves Corbin, but there's something especially sweet about him acknowledging it again as he looks at Corbin — while they do the dishes, the most trivial thing in the world.
    [...] up to his elbows in suds, he realized, he could live like this. It was impossible, but he would, if he could. He'd be happy.
  • In the final chapter, Lauchlan finally gets his guts together and confesses his feelings to Corbin:
    Lauchlan: "I love you. I know it's not worth much. B-but it's the truth. You deserve to be loved. You should've been loved. And I love you, it's yours, I´m yours, for what that's worth."

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