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Tear Jerker / Mix Beer With Liquor And You Will Get Sicker

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  • After telling the story of how he lost his eye, Lauchlan is distraught and wishes only for Corbin to stay and keep him company for a while (and he really, really needs a hug), but he doesn't dare ask for it. On the other hand, it's implied that Corbin would like to stay just as much to comfort Lauchlan, but he doesn't say anything either, so Lauchlan is left to deal with his upset alone.
  • Camilla's death, and Lauchlan's subsequent despondency.
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  • Lauchlan's breakdown in chapter 11. Poor guy has had a shit week, had to deal with a bunch of insubordinate kids who were working for him and whom Lauchlan reluctantly sacked, had to bring one of his favorite horses to the knacker and ear-witness her death, has caught a bad flu meanwhile, got near to no sleep, and furthermore is suffering a good deal of Gayngst following his night with Corbin because, in Victorian England, gay people are locked away. One really can't take it amiss that he's done for.
  • The story of little Lauchlan being removed from his family for no better reason than looking at him after the loss of his eye is less pleasant for some people. He's newly traumatized due to his Meatgrinder Surgery and can barely stand to leave the house at that point, and his parents' superiors demand that he's brought away.
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  • It takes a lot to make Corbin break down, but once he does, it's positively gut-wrenching, starting with him mistaking Lauchlan for a burglar and hitting him a bad concussion, which drives Corbin into a guilt loop and a bout of self-punishment, culminating in him frantically scrubbing the blood from the floor for hours until his hands are sore and blistered. Lauchlan does not even blame him for his mistake, but Corbin blames himself massively because he has hurt Lauchlan of all people.
  • Then there's the moment when Lauchlan realizes that Corbin, who's usually very vocal about his feelings and has no problems with expressing joy or anger, has for some reason learned to force himself to cry in absolute silence.