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Heartwarming / Mashiro-iro Symphony

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  • To be fair, it's Every. Single. Episode. What? Someone had to start the entry someday!
  • Episode 4 has one of the best examples so far:
    Everyone: (to Airi) Happy Birthday!
    Airi: But... Why would I get a celebration like this... There was nothing like this when I lived with mother...
    Shingo: Sena-san, we feel like celebrating your birthday. Are we not allowed to?
  • Episode 10: when Shingo admits his feelings for Miu, and she reciprocates.
  • Episode 11: All the girls (sans Miu) go to the park and vow to start their romantic lives anew, instead of dwelling on the pain of rejection. Also doubles as a Tearjerker, given Airi and Sana are obviously still hurting, but are trying their best to move forward.
    Airi: I definitely won't fall in love.