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Heartwarming / Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

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  • Yuka's father did love her while her mother tried to keep her daughter all for herself out of selfishness.
  • HAL meeting Setsuna as he dies. Can also double as a Tear Jerker.
  • The workers in Mutsuki's Grandfather's company truly want to continue his legacy and bring joy to children.
  • When Yako fell into her Heroic BSoD after Fumio's suicide and get fired from her "job", her friend Kanae and her classmates left her a bunch of food to cheer her up. And then Aya, who temporarily escaped from her prison just to meet Yako, appeared to talk the girl out of it by revealing that Neuro, just as Yako has been trying to understand him, was also trying to understand her.
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  • During the fight with Sicks at the fairground, Neuro and Yako escape as part of his plan. During which he tells her he believes in her and asks, putting a hand on her knee, if she's able to do it. She puts a hand on his knee and says she is.
  • During the Yako/XI "fight" XI or rather Sai, regains his memories of Ai and how important she was to him and after betraying Sicks, Sai turns into Sasazuka and says "thank you". Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • In the last chapters when seeing Neuro hesitate in returning to hell Yako flat out calls him an idiot to his face and assures him that he will return to this world. She even promises to grow and shine so that no matter where he is, he can still find her. To top it off we have Neuro calling her "partner," acknowledging her already present growth.
    • 3 years later, Yako did keep her promise and has become a beautiful woman who acts as a world-famous negotiator. She is still waiting for Neuro to come back.
    • Him at the window on the final pages.


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