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Heartwarming / Locke & Key

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Wise reading choice.
  • The ending of Crown Of Shadows chapter 2, "In The Cave", when the four new friends come together in a group hug. Awwww....
    • Also in Crown of Shadows, Tyler reading Bode a bedtime story. So sweet.
    • In Clockworks, a lot of the interaction between Rendell's friends, especially seeing what a great guy Dodge was and how sweet he was to Ellie. Crosses over into Tear Jerker territory when you remember how badly it all turns out.
    • The final moments of the comic, where Bode is resurrected, and Tyler summons back Rendell as an echo to say goodbye.
  • The series finale confirms that there is an afterlife, and that Dodge, Ellie and Rendell are happy there.

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