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Dr. Pym would be proud.
  • Tyler gets one, when he kicks Sam Lesser's ass for the second time.
    Tyler: I'll tell you what happens next. Your future looks a lot like your past. You and me, hanging out in the basement... me kicking your ass again.
  • Joe Ridgeway raging against the dying of the light by smashing a glass against Dodge's head while stark naked in the bath.
  • Tyler gets another one at the end of Crown of Shadows #4 when he gets big.
  • Tyler again, while tied upside-down and meeting the Big Bad for the first time:
    Tyler: You her? The Dark Girl Bode met in the Wellhouse? The one who sent Sam Lesser to kill my Dad? Yeah, I was hoping I'd get the chance to say hello to you sometime.
    He spits on her face.
  • When Rufus Whedon kills Dodge by throwing him through the Wellhouse Door.

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