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  • Guddu and Saroo's relationship — loving brothers who do almost everything together.
  • When Saroo wandered aimlessly in Calcutta, he followed a little girl who went to sleep next to other street orphans. Saroo sat by himself, apart from the other kids. After many long minutes, one of the boys gave him a piece of cardboard for him to lay on.
  • A young man helping Saroo by taking him to officials to be taken into an orphanage.
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  • Amita, a young girl Saroo befriends in an orphanage, sees a photo of his future adoptive parents and tells him he'll be happy. And they both hold hands in the end.
  • John and Sue being the ultimate Good Parents to Saroo and Mantosh even if it can be emotionally tiring with the latter.
    • That applies to when Saroo finally told Sue that he had been looking for his birth mother, and, far from being offended, she turned out to be wholeheartedly supportive of his quest. Of course, the fact that Saroo is being systematic and is likely going to confine his search area to a specific location he has carefully researched is likely most reassuring to Sue that he will not be randomly wandering about India.
  • Saroo apologizing to his brother Mantosh for his comments earlier in the movie.
  • Naturally, Saroo reuniting with his mother in the end. Knowing that this was based on a true story make the waterworks flow even more. And then the end credits treats you to pictures of the real Saroo and his foster family, before showing a clip of Saroo and his foster mother visiting his biological mother, the two women crying and hugging upon meeting.
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  • After Saroo tells a small group of his college friends what happened to him, they all immediately start trying to think of ways for Saroo to track his family down.

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