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Tear Jerker / Lion

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  • A young Saroo calling for Guddu to no avail. In many scene, we see his face covered in dried tears.
  • This bit of dialogue:
    Young!Saroo: Did you really look for my mom everywhere?
    Ms. Sood: Everywhere.
  • A young Saroo tearfully remembers helping his mom at job and saying the same thing she said: "Good boy."
  • No one helping the young Saroo after he gets off the train.
  • The part where Saroo laments to his foster mother that she couldn't have her own children, only for her to tell him that she could, but she and her husband chose not to. For the two of them, there were enough people in the world, they thought they would make more of a difference by raising children that came from struggling backgrounds.
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  • Five words: "How I looked for you."
  • The film ends with an uplifting moment of Saroo meeting his mother again, and photos of his two families together... and then the absolute gut-punch that Guddu died the same night Saroo disappeared. The movie is dedicated to his memory.

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