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Heartwarming / Lil Char and the Gang

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This old scarf...

  • The gang's relationship in general. There doesn't seem to be any end to how much fun (or trouble) they have together.
  • The entirety of the Christmas comics. It brings out the best in all three families. From the top:
    • Bulbasaur spends the whole day prepping the house for the holiday, even decorating his dad like a tree! Venusaur loves it all the same.
    • While Charizard continues to be rather dismissive towards Charmander, he does give him one gift: a scarf that his wife knitted for him. Charmander's reaction provides the page image, and every winter comic onwards has him wear it.
    • Squirtle takes the cake, though. He and Wartortle give their dad a decorated picture of when Squirtle got adopted. Needless to say, Blastoise is moved to tears by it all.
      • Even better is how he says that it's only the second best gift because just having his kids set the bar so high!
  • Growlithe and the Clefairy briefly gushing over their shared love over "The X-Y Files", even after she and Flareon nearly burned down his cave. Of course, it abruptly ends with him forcing them out.
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  • Both Charmander and Squirtle admonishing Growlithe for not only burning the Clefairy's cave, but getting Bulbasaur hurt in the process. Squirtle even blasts her and Flareon after she insults the little guy.
  • That short comic featuring Bulbasaur prepping for winter. He's just too adorable for his own good.
  • Bulbasaur meeting his mom. Despite not seeing him very often, she still loves "her little Bulba baby".
    • In that same comic series, Bulbasaur's insistence that he and the Johto starters help the lost Spinarak, despite their reluctance.

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