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Heartwarming / Laverne & Shirley

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  • Laverne thinks she might be pregnant. Partway through the episode, Lenny comes to see her and tells her that he and Squiggy did a coin toss to figure out which of them would come and propose to her.
    Laverne: Awwww, and you lost, huh?
    Lenny [confused]: No, I won.
  • "One Flew Over Milwaukee":
    • Shirley adopts Duane the canary because he had bronchitis and was about to be killed by a person who wanted to use his feathers. Shirley's the reason Duane is still alive! She then tries very hard to cure his bronchitis, which seems to work despite Laverne calling her crazy.
    • Even though Laverne thinks Shirley is crazy for caring about Duane so much, she does worry about her when she gets into a sulk and try to cheer her up.
    • The Happy Ending: Duane comes back and it doesn't matter that Laverne tried to replace him, because now he has a friend.
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  • In "New Year's Eve 1960", Laverne is crying because she was dumped. Shirley cheers her up by singing "Auld Lang Syne" and giving her a Rousing Speech.

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