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Heartwarming / Jenufa

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  • Jenůfa teaching the village children to read and write.
    Jano: I can read, hurray, I can read, hurray, Jenůfa has taught me!
  • The entirety of Laca and Jenůfa's interactions during their engagement. His tentative attentions to her can make it hard to believe it's the same man from the first act.
  • Laca standing by Jenůfa when all the villagers (except for Kostelnička who's mustering her courage for confession and Števa who's having a major Oh, Crap! moment) accuse her of killing the baby and want to stone her.
    Laca: Don't anyone dare touch her! It will cost you your life! I will strike you down!
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  • The forgiveness scene between Kostelnička and Jenůfa.
  • Laca and Jenůfa confessing their love and deciding to face the future together.
  • In the 2013 production from Berlin State Opera, in case the viewers don't believe in Laca's reconciliation with his family, there is a sweet Heartwarming Moment when Grandmother Buryja cheers Laca up when he's nervous on the wedding day, and straightens his tie.