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Heartwarming / Hope Springs Eternal

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  • Chapter Five, where Hades stumbles upon Persephone and they experience Love at First Sight. It's very sweet to see bad-guy Hades fall so hard for someone. Heck, most of their scenes together are heartwarming. Watching Hades become smitten with an innocent girl and being more honest with his feelings as well as Persephone showing so much unconditional love for him is so touching.
  • Hades assuring Demeter in the end after they're married that Persephone still very much loves her mother despite falling for the resident villain.
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  • Demeter finally accepting Persephone's marriage to the man Demeter used to despise.
  • Hades' dead former wife giving him love and assurance, and supporting his new relationship with Persephone, who becomes friends with her.


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