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Heartwarming / Hope Comes to Brockton Bay

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  • Chapter 79. Danny shows his continued support for Taylor after he learns that she's Skitter.
  • Chapter 83 has another bonding session between Danny and Taylor.
  • In Chapter 117, Hope chooses to help Carol Dallon, rather than leave her all alone.
  • In Chapter 120, while Hope is presenting the Hope Accord to the United Nations General Assembly, cameos are shown of her friends watching and reacting to the presentation. Including Accord, who designed the plan.
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  • In Chapter 125, Danny gets to conn the new ferry out of the dock on its inaugural run.
  • Chapter 126, as the wrap-up chapter, has a few of these:
    • Taylor gets married.
    • Armsmaster and Dragon are happily living together on the mooonbase.
  • In Chapter 127, we learn that the Eden Entity has used the traces of Hope's power left from her use of the Kiss Of Life to create a new shard, one that lets it replenish its other shards without having to drain energy from worlds. And then it copies that shard, and gives the copy to its counterpart. And finally, the two Entities set off to find others of their kind and share the Hope Shard with them.

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