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  • Jack has been having a terrible day, both with her struggle to adjust to Francois Dupont and a classroom of students who she barely understand and who don't particularly care to reach out to her, and with her disastrous Paris debut as Rabbit, which resulted in her causing over a million dollars in property damage and several injuries, while running from an akuma butterfly. In the midst of a Heroic BSoD, Jack goes so far as to take her Miraculous off and sit and wait for another akuma, not even caring to put up a fight this time. And then Adrien walks into the locker room, and immediately sees she's been crying.
    Adrien: Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas? (What’s wrong?)
    Jack: Je… Aujourd’hui était…difficile. Me manque…er…uh…
    Adrien: Why don’t we talk in English? You know, until you get the hang of speaking French. It must be hard for you. (Jack blinks in surprise) It’s Jack, right?
    Jack: Y-yeah…
    Adrien: I don’t think we ever officially met. I’m Adrien Agreste.
    Jack: What… What are you doing here? Didn’t you leave?
    Adrien: Forgot my history book. But I’m glad I did. I don’t want you to get Akumatized! It’s a pretty common occurrence around here. You heard about that, right?
    Jack: Yeah, I…uh…heard about it on the news.
    Adrien: (sitting down next to her) Do you want to talk about it?
    Jack: What’s there to say? I want to go home. I miss it and everyone here hates me.
    Adrien: That’s not true! But I know how hard it is to be new in school and trying to make friends. I just started here this year myself and—
    Jack: Really?
    Adrien: …Why do you sound so surprised?
    Jack: I don’t know… you just seem like that guy everyone knows. I thought you’ve been going to school with everyone else for a while.
    Adrien: Nope. I was homeschooled all my life. And when I first got here, I only knew Chloé—
    Jack: You’re friends with Chloé!?
    Adrien: (face falling) Why does everyone always say that?
    Jack: (guiltily) No, no! It’s fine! It’s just… she’s… uh…
    Adrien: She’s mean. I know. Not to me, but I get it. This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but being friends with Chloé made it difficult for me to make friends with everyone else at first. I know it’s not the same as not speaking the same language as everyone, but still— It was rough. I just wanted someone to give me a chance. And Nino did. (standing up) No one hates you, Jack. They just haven’t gotten to know you yet. And I’m guilty of that too. I should have come over and talked to you, but I didn’t. I hope that we can be friends though.
    Jack: Of course we can be friends!
    Adrien: Great! I have to run — I’ve got Chinese — but maybe we could hang out after school tomorrow? Nino and I could show you around.
    Jack: Sounds perfect! (Adrien walks over to his locker. Jack follows him.) Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me.
    Adrien: No big deal.
  • Rabbit's decision to rescue civilians during the Road Rage attack, despite knowing that most of them will hate and fear her, associating her with "Jack Hammer's" rampage the day before. In addition, the fact that she does earn at least some defenders from it, including Nino.
    • Nino apologising to Jack for his behaviour when Adrien was giving her a tour.
      Sorry I was such a jerk to you today. I was annoyed Adrien wanted us to hang with you. His old man doesn’t give him a lot of free time and I guess I was kind of upset he wanted to spend the little he had on you, you know? But you’re pretty cool.
    • After the Road Rage attack is over and Adrien has been forced to go home, Nino takes over the tour and bonds with Jack over music interests.
  • Alya apologising to Rabbit for attacking her on the Ladyblog, and filming a retraction video with the other heroes after they rescue her from Cottontail.
  • Jack finally befriending Marinette and Alya in chapter 7. For context, Marinette has spent the last several weeks hating Jack out of misguided jealousy because of her crush on Adrien, and when she was asked by Adrien to help Jack out with a new outfit, she chose to sabotage her by giving her a replica of Chloe's favourite outfit. When Alya, in on the prank, finds out at the last minute that Jack has a boyfriend back in the US, she immediately scrambles to get Jack out of sight before Chloe arrives at school and contact Marinette, who brings her back to her place. Ashamed, Marinette comes clean about her behaviour, admitting that the prank was out of line and would have been even if she hadn't misread the situation with Adrien. While part of Jack wants to yell at her for making assumptions, she instead chooses to forgive her, relieved that this was a misunderstanding and that she hadn't done anything wrong. Once they get back to school, Alya apologises as well, assuring Jack that she has her back from now on. What's especially touching is that nearly all of Marinette and Alya's dialogue in these scenes is in English.
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  • Jack and Diego's post-reveal Relationship Upgrade in flashback.
  • Marinette and Jack's conversation over lunch after their shopping trip. When Marinette thanks Jack for giving her another chance after the outfit prank, Jack opens up to her about how she lost all of her childhood friends back home.
    Jack: I’m not going to say I didn’t mess up. I did. I sorta pulled away from them and got wrapped up in other things. I even forgot one of their birthdays I was so busy with stuff. I felt awful, but they never forgave me for it, no matter how hard I tried to make it up to them. They just… cut me loose and that was the end of it.
    Marinette: I’m sorry that happened to you.
    Jack: It’s fine. Really. My mom always says you can’t change the past. The best you can do to learn from it. And I learned that I don’t want anyone to feel the way I felt, so I try to be as forgiving and understanding as possible. I’ve always been that way, I guess, but, like, more now that I was before.
    Marinette: Well… if it makes you feel any better… I promise to forgive your mistakes if you promise to forgive mine.
    • And it seems Marinette takes this to heart, because by the end of the chapter Ladybug seems to have forgiven Rabbit for her screw-up in the battle against Sequana.
  • Chapter 14 ends with Jack apologizing to and reconciling with her old friend Cadence.
  • In Chapter 15, Jack heads home after meeting with two more American Miraculous holders, racked with guilt about lying to Nymph about who summoned them here and believing that Ladybug would never forgive her if she found out. She stops by the bakery to retrieve her lucky Rabbit's Foot from Marinette.
    Marinette: Did… did something happen? You told me this gives you strength when you’re nervous.
    Jack: I made a mistake. I lied about something I shouldn’t have. (Marinette inhales and starts to reply, but pulls back) Go on. Say it.
    Marinette: That doesn’t sound like you.
    Jack: It seemed like a good idea at the time. All my ideas seem like good ideas at the time, although I know they are usually not.
    Marinette: What if you told the truth? It’s not too late.
    Jack: It will only make things worse.
    Marinette: Better now than later.
    Jack: Depends on when ‘later’ is.
    (Marinette sighs, torn between her desire to be a supportive friend and her hatred of liars. Finally, she puts her arm around Jack and put her head on Jack’s shoulder.)
    Marinette: I said I’d forgive your mistakes if you forgave mine and I meant that. You know… I lie sometimes too.
    Jack: Really?
    Marinette: (nods) Sometimes, there’s just no way around it.
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  • In Chapter 16, Rabbit and Praying Mantis manage to patch things up regarding her decision to bring him and the others to Paris using the Beacon. After she brings him to her apartment to switch it off, he tells her to leave it on, promising to help with Omega and to keep her secret from Nymph.

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