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Heartwarming / Hearts Are All as False as Stairs of Sand —Shakespeare

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  • Gaara commiserating with Harry about estranged families. Before they've even met.
  • Temari immediately appointing herself Big Sis/Mom to Harry.
  • An incorrect history book about the Bijuu makes Harry worry about Kankuro before they've even met.
  • Harry's first response to seeing his new brothers is to Tackle Hug them.
  • The riverbank scene in chapter six where all three of them admit that they have no idea how to be a normal family, but they'll make this one work somehow.
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  • In an flashback interlude, we see Baki cover for Kankuro losing his temper and generally being a better father to Kankuro than Rasa is.
  • Gaara and Kankuro confronting Harry about his less-than-ideal home life. Harry ends up sobbing into a hug from Gaara.
  • A Halloween special reveals what Gaara's Boggart might be and there's a lot of Adult Fear. But the way he talks it down really reveals both his maturity and faith in his friends.
  • When Gaara reveals to Harry that he used to be a Jinchuuriki and Harry accepts him, Kankuro discretely supports Gaara and possibly nearly cries in relief.
  • Kankuro calls Harry 'Littlest Brother', even though they share no blood whatsoever.
  • Kankuro and Gaara arguing over what they're going to do next in chapter 12.
  • Kankuro and Gaara aren't shy about physical affection, even if Gaara is a little more reserved. Hair ruffles, full hugs and one-armed hugs are all demonstrated.
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  • Gaara and Kankuro specifically make a point of always asking for Harry's input in any decisions they make regarding him and telling him anything related to him so he can make informed decisions. Not only is it a good step, considering Harry's isolationist abuse, but it's a stark contrast to how he's treated in canon.
  • Gaara promptly abandoning a conversation with Amelia Bones in order to coach Harry through a brief panic attack, despite the audience.
  • Gaara vowing that he will support Harry no matter what:
    "If he wishes to come back to learn and play, I will let him. If he wishes to never see this country again, know that you will never find him. He wishes to travel to the ends of the Earth, I will help him. Even if he wants to give up magic and be a gardener, I will help him."
  • Shikamaru and Temari have some short and sweet moments.
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  • The discussion about morality and respect in chapter 15.
  • Harry starting to set some goals for himself and figure out what he wants in life.
  • Gaara and Kankuro bickering about favourite authors.
  • Harry defending Neville to his cousin Richard.
  • Ron reveals that he worried about Harry all the while he was in Egypt, because they were too far away to come and save him from the Dursleys if anything happened.
  • Family of Choice: Harry with Kankuro and Temari, since he doesn't actually share blood.
    • Also Remus Lupin with the rest of the Hogwarts staff.


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