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Heartwarming / Hazredous Interruptions

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  • Blake's reaction to waking up the morning after she comes clean about her past to Ozpin. Weiss and Ruby are the first to notice that something is different, namely that Blake didn't wear her ribbon to bed.
    Ruby's eyes flicked up to Blake's ears again, and then over at the ribbon wrapped around Blake's bedpost. " left your ribbon off because you're happy?"
    Blake's smile widened. "I am. Here, in this room? With you three?" Blake let herself roll sideways, her head coming to rest in Yang's lap. She twitched her ears, invitingly. "I'm home."
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  • Jaune, having finally realized Pyrrha's feelings for him, pulls out all the stops to make up for his obliviousness with an elaborate home-cooked meal and the closest thing to a spa treatment that he can arrange on short notice. By the time he gets around to actually asking Pyrrha to the dance she's shedding tears of joy.
  • The grand finale of the dance arc. The last song of the night comes on and Ruby decides to make the most of it:
    A hand found hers, silk threading between her fingers and clasping gently. She found herself gently tugged toward the floor. She turned her head and found Ruby at her side, smiling at her.

    She’s holding my hand. The thought stuck in her head, her own voice playing in a loop. She’s holding my hand. Ruby Rose, do you even know what you’re doing?

    She had to be misreading it. She was Ruby’s partner and teammate, of course Ruby felt close to her. They were attending the dance together, and had been so busy checking on everything as the evening had passed that there hadn’t been time for an actual dance at the dance, so of course Ruby would want to get one dance in before it was over.

    But she’s holding my hand like that. Is it an accident? No, it was totally deliberate, but does she even know what it means? Because it really feels intimate but this is Ruby, intimate for her means cleaning each other’s weapons, and yes we’ve done that before but that’s a different kind of intimate and-


    “Yes I’ll help you do maintenance on Crescent Rose, I’ve said it before and-”

    “Weiss.” Ruby said her name again, and Weiss found herself lost in silver mirrors.


    Ruby’s lips curved up in a smile. “I know exactly what I’m doing.”
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  • Ruby and Summer's big reunion during the Battle of Patch is a CMoA, but their first real conversation in Beacon's medical wing a chapter later is one of these, with Summer begging Ruby's forgiveness for leaving her and Ruby choking on words that won't come. Just as Summer turns to leave Ruby reaches out to grab at her sleeve and catches one of Summer's rose petals and the two of them collapse into a couple of happy crying wrecks.
  • Another, quieter moment in the aftermath of chapter 30: Jaune and Pyrrha share a Big Damn Kiss as they recuperate together.

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