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Heartwarming / God Slaying Blade Works

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  • When Pandora turns Shirou into a Campione and declares him her new son, while Shirou has no idea what is going on, he thinks to himself that it feels nice because he never had a mother before.
  • Shirou sees the memories of Archer and finds out that Archer became proud that Shirou did not make the same mistakes he did. Archer gave him his arm as a gift from one Shirou Emiya to another.
  • A truly heartwarming moment. Because of the differences between the Campione!verse and the Nasuverse, Ilya no longer has a death sentence looming over her. She is starting to age.
    • It's actually less of the Campione!verse and more because of Shirou's Hero's Bride Authority, though it does not diminish the heartwarming value. Might actually increase it, because it's the direct result of Shirou's actions.
  • Shirou has been through so much stress and is thinking about Sakura. So what does he do? He writes letters to her in his journal and swears that one day, she will read them.
    • And she does, sometime in the future. Which prompts her to force her big sister to let her meet Zelretch in order to learn Kaleidoscope so that she can search for him and bring him back.
  • Shirou manages to vainquish Mordred because Arondight manifested itself when the Knight of Treachery threatened to kill Guinevere. Because no matter the dimension, Guinevere will always be Guinevere, and Lancelot will save her. Always.
  • The reason why Shirou was able to turn against Venus after she stole the entirety of his heart with her Heart Thief Authority. With it, she stole every shred of love he had for anything, every single bit, even his love for Sakura, and yet in the end he still chose Sakura.
    Venus: "But . . . you love me."
    Shirou "With all my heart. But I chose her over everything . . . even my own heart."
    • From Venus's POV however, along with her last thoughts, it can double as a tearjerker.
  • The omakes include several Throw the Dog a Bone moments for Kariya Matou, and the Fourth Holy Grail War's Lancer getting to die a heroic death like he wanted instead of being betrayed.
  • Shirou convincing Lancelot to give his steed a name, Steadfast. Steadfast approves.
  • Despite their former animosity, Tiamat and Guinevere come to care for each other.
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  • Shirou managing to save Kaida's mother from her coma.
  • When several people pray to Athena for protection against a coming darkness one of them saw in a vision, she actually grants it and takes the prophecy seriously.
  • Illya's utter care for the Dress of Heaven – her maid Leysritt sacrificed herself to make it. The Dress isn't just a mere Mystic Code – albeit a very powerful one – it's also a memento of her maid and caretaker.


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