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Heartwarming / Girls Trip

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  • Even though Dina is obnoxious and short-tempered, her loyalty towards her friends is very touching.
  • When Ryan, Dina, and Sasha make up with each other after their fight.
  • When Ryan finally makes the keynote speech at the near end of the movie, she finally decides to stop keeping up her sham of a marriage and tells the truth about her husband having an affair. She changes the subject of her speech to a subject about self worth, and how you shouldn’t stay in bad relationships because you are afraid of being alone. She also apologizes to her friend Sasha for what she did in the form. Her speech also earns the support of her friends & a standing ovation.
    • Rather than getting denied a deal, she’s told that her deal with Best Mart is still on (but with her alone).
  • Ryan finally realizing her worth and starting a new relationship with Julian at the end.


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