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Episode 1: "Iron From Ice"

  • When Lord Gregor Forrester plans to promote Gared at the beginning of the game, he tells Gared he's doing so specifically because Gared has earned the honor after all his years of hard work and loyal service.
    Gregor And what favor do you desire Gared?
    Gared: To bring honor to House Forrester, milord.
    Gregor: You have more honor than those born to it.
  • It's subtle, but just before Gared has to go to the Wall to stave off the Boltons' wrath, Talia rushes out to meet Gared at the gate and gives him a personal token, namely her necklace. Word Of God from the developers is that this is because Gared and Talia have feelings for each other, though this is not directly stated in-game. Also, even before that, after the massacre at the Red Wedding, Talia's first instinct is to ask Gared about the death of his family, before inquiring about her own.
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  • Despite later depictions, players would remember that the stubborn Royland both believed and stood up fiercely for Gared against his uncle's decision. Royland appeared genuinely disheartened to see Gared go. Some players like to believe this was the moment Royland and Duncan lost all respect for each other.
  • Ethan's close relationship with his siblings is one long crowning moment of heartwarming in general.
  • Tyrion and Mira's interaction in general. It's pretty clear he's helping her out of the goodness of his heart. Also, he admires her for playing Cersei like a fiddle.
  • If you behave with restraint during Mira's segments, declining Tyrion's offer of help due to the very real risk it poses and not pressuring Margaery to ask the king to protect House Forrester or to force Rodrik and Elaena Glenmore to get married, she acknowledges both your loyalty and discretion thus far and promises to find a less direct means of securing the Forrester/Glenmore betrothal. She may not be able to do much for you without jeopardizing her marriage, but gods damn it, she really IS trying to help you in the end.
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  • Upon choosing punishments for a thief, Ethan can choose to let him go, and even promise to see to it that his family is provided for.
  • When the story starts, Royland didn't have much faith in Ethan's ability to rule and consider him a milksop. Depending on how the player plays Ethan, Royland will admit that he was wrong about Ethan and grow to respect his young lord as he continues to display strength and decisiveness. If Ethan sentences the thief to lose his fingers, Royland mentions his father carried out the sentence himself, but offers to do it if Ethan feels unable, even showing his support if Ethan does the deed himself. If promoted as Sentinel, Royland will declare his undying loyalty Ethan. When Ethan gets stabbed by Ramsay, Royland's first reaction was to get to his lord's side only to be stopped by the Whitehills. The heartwarming part comes, when it shows how much Royland's loyalty to Ethan has grown during the episode.
    Royland: No matter what, I will stand beside you, my lord. Where your Sentinel belongs.
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  • At one point, Ethan wonders what the people will call him in the future, as they called his father Gregor the Good. Sadly, while no less heartwarming, the answer is received after he is murdered while preventing Ramsay from taking his twin sister Talia away: they call him Ethan the Brave, Bold or Wise.

Episode 2: "The Lost Lords"

  • Rodrik being reunited with his family after being presumed dead from battle. When he wakes up after his surgery, Rodrik warmly greets Talia. The two siblings share a hug. It is heartwarming to see Talia's joy that her big brother turns out to be alive and it is an establishing moment for Rodrik, despite having been mentioned as a serious man, Rodrik is also a kindhearted brother to his siblings.
  • Talia offering her shoulder to help Rodrik walk to the council meeting, and (if the player accepts) continuing to do so even as the Whitehill soldiers constantly insult both her and Rodrik.
  • Lady Forrester runs to Rodrik when he's injured and under surgery, the joy on her face clear and embraces him when he arrives at the council chambers with Talia.
  • Sera opens up about being a bastard to Mira and, if Mira accepts her request to let Sera win over Margaery and help her secure a betrothal for herself, Sera hugs her thankfully and promises to help her and her family if she can.
  • Despite still being a ward/prisoner of the Whitehills, Rodrik can give his little brother Ryon a hug if he shows up at the funeral. Rodrik can reassure Ryon that they are his family, they will never forget about him and they will bring him back.
  • Episode Two's ending:
    • After doubting herself for the entire episode, Talia manages to come up with an amazing song to mourn her father and brother.
    • Royland and Duncan both cry at the funeral, regardless of their opinion of Ethan as a ruler.
    • The shots of Mira, Gared, and Asher. They may be far away, but they all love the Forresters and are doing everything they can do to help.
    • Rodrik hugging his mother.
    • Rodrik's episode ending determined glare. He is not going to let Gregor and Ethan's deaths go unanswered for.
  • The conversation between Rodrik and Eleana if you get her to agree to the marriage. Perfectly Arranged Marriage indeed.

Episode 3: "The Sword in the Darkness"

  • In Episode 3, the coal boy will reappear to help Mira, and notably he does this even if Mira abandoned him in episode 2. However, if Mira is consistently rude to him in Episode 3, even he will reach his limits and eventually leave Mira to find her own way out of her mess...and he still at least creates a distraction for the guards, since even if Mira behaves rudely she doesn't deserve to die over it.
    Tom: Is what's in there really worth risking my life over?
    Mira: No, it's not worth your life.
    Tom: Thank you for saying that. Well.... better not die then.
    • Double Heartwarming is that Tom as a Coal Boy is treated by everyone like is life is worth less than the coal he carries. Mira saying that the letter isn't worth his life is telling him his life means something to her.
  • If you've promised Sera your help, after Margaery makes some noises about sending Mira home and out of her service for making a deal with Tyrion Lannister, Sera offers to help her. She even says that she'll beg Margaery if she has to, and she won't let Margaery send Mira home.
  • Duncan taking the heat off Talia in order to spare her from Gryff's wrath. Despite Duncan's pacifist stance, he doesn't want any of the Forresters to get hurt.
  • After a bad start, at the urging of Jon, Gared can make peace and establish a friendship with Finn or Cotter depending on who he sided with in the previous episode.
  • If you stand up to Gryff as Rodrik, after Gryff walks away, Rodrik, badly injured, finally falls. Lady Forrester, Talia and even the smallfolk all move to him, helping him back onto his feet and supporting him back into Ironrath, a show of unity for the House for their Lord.

Episode 4: "Sons of Winter"

  • In Episode 4, Rodrik and Elaena Glenmore get an opportunity to kiss.
    • 'Eleana won't forget that'
  • For all that can be said about Ludd Whitehill, (and there is a lot), he's does care for his family. Be they a semi-rebellious daughter, or a Fourth-Born Son. 'A Whitehill is a Whitehill.' He's even willing to give up his hostage Ryon, in exchange for Gryff.
  • Depending on how Gared treated Finn, he will support Gared's claim of innocence.

Episode 5: "A Nest of Vipers"

  • Ramsay tries to inflict terror upon Rodrik and especially Talia. Despite the dangerous situation at the time, Rodrik show concern and big brotherly protectiveness toward his little sister such keeping her close as they follow Ramsay, reassuring and calming her when Ramsay drag her and shielding her eyes when Ramsay tortures Arthur. It is heartwarming to see how much the Forrester family care and love each other, something Ramsay will never know.
  • In Episode 5, if Rodrik tells Elaena that she's not alone after Arthur's death, then in between scenes they'll experience Their First Time together.
    • Seeing Rodrik standing straight without the support of his cane, looking stronger than he has since he was injured.
  • After having a few falling outs with Beskha, Asher can reconcile his friendship with her. Later during the ambush, if Asher stays behind Beskha will agree to Asher's dying wish to help Rodrik.

Episode 6: "The Ice Dragon"

  • In a meta-example of this trope, it's normally a Game of Thrones staple that "honorable" and/or "kind" characters do not usually last long. However, one of the few characters that will always survive the end of episode 6, regardless of player choices, is Talia Forrester.
  • Gared has been getting the short end of the stick since his story began, starting with him being sent to the Wall for attacking Whitehill men who murdered his family, then with him getting in trouble at the Wall due to problems started by other recruits, then with him having to desert in order to find the North Grove, etc. But in episode 6, Gared is one of the few characters who always survives regardless of player choices, and he even gets a relatively happy ending: he wins the respect of the residents of North Grove, who look to him for leadership, and even give him the choice of whether to remain at the North Grove or head south down to Ironrath.
    • Gregor's words "The North Grove must never be lost." He could have meant the ironwood or the magic of the place, but it's also possible he was referring to his bastard children who he might have been protecting.
  • Beskha's interactions with Rodrik throughout the episode show that she holds no ill will to him for Asher's death, and even calls him "brother" at one point as well, despite the fact that they only just met.
    • Beskha rescuing Ryon and taking him to safety, which will happen in every possible outcome of the episode.
  • Lady Elissa reuniting with Asher, if he is still alive. She also finally gets to reunite with Ryon.
  • When Mira and Tom are cornered by Lannister guards, Tom steps out into their sight in order to give Mira time to escape.
  • Mixes with Tearjerker, but Lady Elissa's death, whether drinking the poison with Lord Whitehill to protect Asher or stabbing Harys to save either of her sons from burning. In the latter choice, she smiles softly and holds their hand and saying "My son..." before dying.
  • If you try to resolve the conflict between the Whitehills and the Forresters as Asher peacefully by marrying Gwyn and not try to go with the plan to ambush/poison Ludd, Gwyn will save Asher from a Whitehill footman, even after Asher has killed her brother, Gryff, acknowledging that Asher didn't want bloodshed. At the end, she will also be with Talia and stay by Asher's side, after he fled Ironrath.

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