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Heartwarming / Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

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  • After Samantha runs away upset, Paul decides to stop flirting with Tina and go after her. Okay, she's already dead and he's next, but still…
  • Tommy pushing Trish out of the way before constantly chopping away at Jason. He was nuts, but he still cared about his sister.
  • A real life example: Ted White, who played Jason, felt that director Joe Zito was mistreating the actors who played Jason's victims and advocated for safer stunts. At one point, Judie Aronson began to get hypothermia from being in the water too long, and when Zito refused to let her come out and warm up, White threatened to walk right off the set and never come back; Zito gave in.
    • Another real life: is that clever editing was used to ensure that Corey Feldman wasn't on set for any of the nude scenes, sheltering him from any of the bad stuff.

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