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  • Manager Clay Hopper has a small, but heartwarming moment of his own in the minor league exhibition game in Sanford (or was it Daytona Beach? Someone correct this later please). In the beginning, he was an ardent racist — subtle, but ardent — being raised on racism ever since birth. Flash forward a few months to this exhibition game— not only does he defend Jackie when the policeman tells Jackie to get off the field, he doesn't see what's wrong with letting him play, and I quote: "What'd he(Jackie) do not wrong?" Jackie's managed to wipe most, if not all of his manager's racist inhibitions in a matter of a few months!!!
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  • After dealing with several racist Floridians during spring training, a white man approaches Jackie and Rachel as they're taking a walk. Jackie gets ready for a fight... only for the man to turn out to be a fan who came to tell Jackie he's rooting for him.
  • Jackie promising his son that he will be there for him.
    Jackie: My dad left me when I was six months older than you are. I don’t remember nothing. Nothing good. Nothing bad. You will remember me. I’m gonna be here with you till the day I die.
  • When a pitcher deliberately throws a fastball to hit Jackie's head, Jackie's entire team jumps out of the dugout to deal with the pitcher.
  • In an important game, a runner (Enos Slaughter) who was out by a mile "spikes"note  Jackie's leg, driving his cleat into him and sending him down to the field. After helping him up, Eddie Stanky instructs the pitcher to throw at the next batter's head, but Jackie talks them down. "Game's too important. Just get him out."
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  • Jackie asking Rachel to marry him. Nicole Beharie's face makes it.
  • As Ben Chapman continues his barrage of racist insults, Eddie Stanky, who actually used to be teammates with Chapman, decides that since Jackie can't fight back he'll do it on his behalf:
    Stanky: Sit down! Sit down or I'll sit you down!
    Chapman: What's the problem, Stank?
    Stanky: You're the problem, you goddamn disgrace. What the hell kind of man are you? You know he can't fight back. Why don't you try picking on someone who can fight back? ... You shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you. This ain't over.


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