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  • The fact that there was enough of Hajime Hinata left to spur Izuru into action, regardless of how illogical the act seemed to him.
  • In Chapter 10, Chiaki opens up to Izuru about her guilt over her role in the events that plunged her friends into despair, and breaks down in tears. How does he respond? Taking a cue from his final encounter with Junko in Chapter 3, he reaches behind Chiaki's head and gently eases her close to him, allowing her to embrace him and cry into his chest.
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  • For Izuru's birthday, Chiaki makes him a card and cooks him breakfast.
  • For Valentine's Day, Chiaki makes tomo choco (friendship chocolate) for Izuru. Unfortunately, he discovers the chocolates in the refrigerator before February 14, much to her dismay. However, he still invites her to eat them with him.
  • Chiaki working to help Kanon, despite her similarities to Enoshima making it slightly difficult.
  • Hagakure vouching for Chiaki, especially considering how this was after she discarded her alias.
  • Chapter 26: Victory Theme. All of it. From Chiaki and Hajime/Izuru's reunion to that with their classmates.




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