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Heartwarming / Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

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  • Pretty much anytime that Nill is around Heine and/or Naoto. There's also the fact that Heine rescued Nill from her pimp when they first met.
  • The relationship between Heine and Naoto, as they warm up to each other, has a lot of these.
  • Luki and Noki happily reminiscing about the time they spent with Nill as they return Below. It's cute and a little bit sad how they can actually enjoy normal things, but have been so screwed up that they also enjoy killing. The fact that they're abducted by Beltheim immediately afterwards and sent down Below, only to be Mind Raped by Einstürzen into fighting again, and clearly not enjoying it this time, makes it a straight up Tear Jerker.
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  • In Chapter 85, after Noki is disarmed and knocked out and Luki runs off, Heine, Badou, and their companionspoiler  continue further Below, but Badou takes Noki with him because he couldn't just leave a child, even one like her, lying alone in a place like that, and he tells the other two that he wants to meet the ones who made the twins the way they are and give them an earful. Even when they walk right into the middle of an ongoing fight between Einstürzen's and Neubauten's goons and Badou needs to be light on his feet to survive, he refuses to ditch her.

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