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Heartwarming / Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles

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Episode 1 - A Dame to Kill

  • The Doctor, coming back to ask Jim and Liz to travel with her.
  • Liz already trusts the Doctor enough to save the people frozen in the park.

Episode 2- A Loud Hush

  • Although it's mostly Played for Laughs, the fact that the Doctor's very supportive and cheerful about Jim switching bodies says a lot about their relationship.
  • Jim, Liz and the Doctor have an extremely cute dynamic in general. They joke around, work well as a team, and the Doctor cuddles up with them on the couch, jumping in between them cheerfully and making herself comfortable.
  • "All things considered... you smell pretty good." Awwwww...
    • Followed by a Big Damn Kiss.

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