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Episode 1 - A Dame to Kill

  • Lilly Nelson is a Large Ham. So we get all sorts of awesome moments from her.
    • "I am a sexy ginger girl!!"
    • "TAAAARD-ISSS! Where are you, sexy girl?"
    • Her utter delight at figuring out that the forest is a hologram. Check out the behind-the-scenes video showing her on the Blue Screen.
  • This exchange.
    Doctor: (...) I bet if I licked you right now... it would taste just like licking a battery.
    [She proceeds to do just that, and stands there for a moment with a slight expression of disgust.]
    Doctor: ...I hate it when I'm right!
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  • She gets distracted by a cockroach, and promptly goes hunting for it.
  • Jim's reaction to the Doctor's suggestiveness.
    Jim: Are you flirting with me?
    Doctor: [big wink]

Episode 2 - A Loud Hush

  • Jim and Liz apparently ran into Captain Jack Harkness while they were out. Liz flirted with him, a bit. So did Jim.
  • The Doctor's completely unconcerned reaction to the fact that Jim's been turned into somebody completely different, and the fact that there's no way to turn him back. Liz is just about screaming in the background, and all the Doctor can comment on is her opinion that she prefers this version of him better.
  • The Doctor makes a friend. His name is Malcom. He's a firefly.
    Jim: speak Bug, too?
    Doctor (flatly): Bugs don't talk, Jim. No vocal chords.
    Jim walks off, annoyed, and the Doctor promptly continues chatting cheerfully with the aforementioned bug, who appears to have offered her a compliment about her new outfit.
  • After the Doctor, Jim, and Liz all lose their voices, the Doctor uses the TARDIS's text-to-speech translator to ask
    TARDIS: We must come up with a way to communicate. How are your interpretative dance skills?
    The Doctor grins. Liz looks entirely unimpressed. Jim prepares to start dancing.
    • After Jim attempts to act out their situation (in a very terrifying manner), Liz has buried her face into the Doctor's shoulder, horrified, and the Doctor looks pretty horrified too.
      TARDIS: ...that's very offensive, Jim.
  • The Doctor's reaction to Liz finding the solution is to kiss her on the head.
  • The Doctor makes an animated short to explain the danger of the Gentleman and how to deal with them. It comes complete with cute little renderings of her and her friends. According to her, it wasn't necessary, but it was extremely fun.
  • Jim and Liz kiss, dramatically. At first, the Doctor looks extremely pleased, and has an 'aww' expression on her face. And then the kissing noises grow louder, and she begins to looks slightly panicked, and then walks away hurriedly, whistling. Then she leans back to watch.

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