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Heartwarming / Dogs Of Future Past

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  • While trapped inside Gaster's nightmare, Frisk, Flowey/Asriel and Greatest Dog are all overcome by their past failures and guilt, with their regrets paralyzing them. However, Greatest Dog is able to hear Gaster's own fears, who consider that he doesn't deserve any help and deserves to be stuck forever between time and space. This leads him to regain his senses, proclaiming proudly that Gaster is wrong and that everyone deserves to be helped, even if they think that they are worthless. If Greatest Dog was helped, then Gaster deserves help too! This lead to one of the most powerful and heartwarming moment of the comic, with Greatest Dog reaching out to Flowey/Asriel and Frisk both and saving them, with the Mercy button regaining its colors. All three of them reunite, and reach out to Gaster, with Flowey/Asriel delivering these beautiful lines:
    Flowey/Asriel: I've done so many terrible things, and I can't even feel bad about it. I'm probably the worst person in this whole world. But, despite that... I was still given a second chance! I might be bad at appreciating it... But I'm not going to waste it! And if even I can get a second chance... then so can you!

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