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Heartwarming / Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told

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  • When Mimi admits that what she did was wrong and pleads for the Digidestined to allow her back, they all welcome her back with open arms, as they both understood her reasons with Mimi crying Tears of Joy into Tai's chest.
  • Throughout the second arc of the fanfic, Davis and Yolei's bickering have been devolved into violent arguments to the point that they truly hate each other's guts. But once Yolei is freed from Jachomon's clutches, Davis apologizes for being mean to her, admitting that once Yolei is infatuated with Ken, she gradually began distancing herself from the others. Yolei, after realizing how mean she is, eventually apologizes for being just as mean as she wants to be acknowledged by Ken. At the end of it all, it culminates into Yolei crying into Davis's chest until they sleep in each other's arms.

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