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Heartwarming / Chronicles of the Going Home Club

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  • The first CMOH in the series. Sakura, Botan, and Claire are in the club room when they hear a knock on the door. Sakura just smiles, and before the girls on the other side of the door could even introduce themselves:
    Sakura: Your membership is approved!
  • Most interactions between Sakura and Botan are this.
    • Botan, being a trained martial artist, has a constant aura of danger about her. Somehow, Sakura managed to overcome that aura and becomes Botan's first friend, helping her make more new friends.
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    • And we actually get to see their first meeting in 'the name of flowers'. It is just the most adorable thing!
      • Botan is self conscious because she's never had friends before, but she wants one and has no idea how to make one. Sakura is going through a premature mid-life crisis and can't decide what she wants. Then she notices Botan, and at first she doesn't talk to her because their desks are too far apart. This goes one for about two days, before Sakura catches a glimpse of Botan leaving the school. Botan is in the middle of losing all hope when suddenly... Sakura calls out her name. She races up behind Botan, out of breath from running down three stories and across the school to her, and asks Botan if they can be friends. Botan is just so confused, and can't understand why, for the first time in her life, somebody would offer her friendship, and Sakura is struggling to grasp any reason for them to be friends, absolutely mystified that anybody would need a reason to want to be friends with Botan. They agree to be friends, and wonder whether it's too soon to be holding hands.
      • The smiles on their faces during this exchange. Those beautiful, heartwarming smiles.
      • The whole reason the Going Home Club was founded? So Sakura and Botan could hang out together. That is friendship.
  • All interactions between Karin and Claire are this.
    • Like when Claire threatens to kill a bunch of guys who want to win Karin in a bet. She means it. She hired a sniper.
  • And sometimes Karin gets a moment in with Botan too.
    • Like the epic stair climb.
  • The ending of the Guilty Judge game.
  • The girls (namely Claire) getting someone to spell "Happy Birthday Natsuki" in the sky.
  • In episode 6, Sakura gets mad at the others for neglecting her in a 4-player game which she wanted them to play, so she forces a Saw-like game using musical chairs, which the girls ignore the rules of. Afterwards they leave the room to go to a family restaurant while Sakura continues to play dead from the earlier game. She gets up slowly and cries as she thinks they were neglecting her. Then when she leaves the room, she finds out they were waiting for her.
  • The birthday party for Natsuki in episode 7.