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  • During the Rick James sketch, the actual Rick in the interview says, "I love Charlie Murphy", which is played for laughs in the sketch. Upon seeing the actual interview included on the Season 2 DVD, that quote was a genuine moment from Rick, who said that of all the friendships he had with the Murphy family including Eddie, his friendship with Charlie was the most special to him. Even more bittersweet was that Rick would pass away not too much longer after the interview and Charlie would pass away nearly 15 years later.
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  • During the credits of the Wayne Brady episode, Brady tells the audience about how Chappelle came to his defense after Paul Mooney made the joke about him.
  • The ending of what turned out to be the final aired sketch of the show: Dave walking away from show business into the sunset.
  • After Charlie Murphy passed away in 2017 from cancer, Dave and one-time guest star John Mayer paid tribute to him by reminiscing Charlie's mark on the show, especially the Rick James and Prince sketches and then Mayer performing "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me"


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