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  • In the "I Know Black People" game show, shouldn't all of the one black guy's answers have been automatically correct?
    • Weren't they, though? Even his answer that Pimpin is easy was "somehow" correct.
      • Yeah, but the eventual winner was the hispanic DJ.
      • That's the joke; this guy somehow knows black people better than black people do.
      • Plus, some Hispanic people are Afro-Hispanic.
    • Exactly. We just didn't see his response to every question.
  • Why did the show have a live audience? All the sketches were pre-recorded and the musical guests only played a song or two, but rarely actually on the stage. Was there more to the show that wasn't aired? Did they do several TV shows' worth of material before the same audience?
    • The audience was there because 1) Dave came from a standup background and probably felt more at ease introducing the skits in front of a live audience. 2) Interacting w/ a live audience provided additional material for the slower sections of the show.
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    • 3)it let Dave, Neil, etc. know which skits were funny and which weren't or needed reworking. This was explicitly mentioned for the episode that consisted of their greatest failures - skits that bombed in the studio audience. 4) why not? Everyone wins. The audience gets a rare in-person show as well, as it's implied he's entertaining even when the cameras aren't rolling. Also, other taped sitcoms have this. Also, yes to your last two questions.
  • How was Michigan J. Frog racist?
    • Cartoon frogs used to be a roundabout way to portray African-Americans in very stereotypical fashion a la blackface.


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