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Heartwarming / Cenotaph

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  • Faultline's sympathetic nature towards Skitter, believing her to be another Case 53.
  • Taylor trying to help Amy through her adoptive mother's death.
  • Piggot's interaction with Weld after he was rescued from the S9 with the rest of his body destroyed.
  • The Surprise Party the Wards throw for Taylor after everything she'd done in Legacy.s. Taylor is also sympathetic to Parian's plight about not feeling like she's doing enough as a hero and suggests going into construction, where her powers could make a difference.
    • Parian's efforts to protect her place from the Nine and her work has earned her a lot of recognition, she just doesn't recognize it.
      Then again, she’d always been good with people. That was why Gallant had her on the day shift: kids loved her. She was pretty popular with the adults, too — she’d saved a lot of lives, getting people to roofs when the tidal waves came. That group had been the natural core for a refugee settlement. Over time, others had gathered to that outpost of order and the hope of her protection… and she had delivered. Sure, she hadn’t gone out from there to fight the Nine when they came — but the Nine hadn’t (Shatterbird’s song aside) touched her neighborhood either. The encampment was small, but in better shape than most, and the credit for that went to her. Little wonder that settlement was mostly known as Dolltown.

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