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  • Lung vs Empire Eighty-Eight in Cenotaph 3.4 & 3.5. He goes in knowing it's a trap, and still manages to walk away.
  • Weld's attempt to rescue Panacea. Yes, he loses to Siberian, but he tears apart everything Bonesaw throws at him first.
  • Taylor's response to Jack's offer to join the Nine atop the hospital roof in Wake 8.1: "How often does that speech of yours actually work?" Immediately afterwards, she jumps off the roof on a preset web zipline and pulls Amy, Madison and Weld with her.
    • To give this more perspective, she said no to a man whose power is literally to manipulate other people with powers, who had just made an entire speech to her allowing his power ample time to twist her thoughts to his whim

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