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Heartwarming / Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand

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  • Ultimate Reed Richards's reaction towards seeing a family portrait of the Fantastic Four of the 616 Universe. If there was ever a motivation for him to do a Heel–Face Turn. Too bad he's faking it.
  • The Reveal in All-New Ultimates that Kitty Pryde's participation in the fight against Galactus had her granted the Medal of Honor and finally ended any massive feelings of hatred toward mutants. Xavier's Dream actually came true.
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  • The Ultimate Vision makes her last stand before Galactus and rebukes his claims of the Ultimateverse being a hopeless Crapsack World, by emphasizing despite all the awful things that have happened in the Ultimateverse compared to the mainstream one (i.e. the death of Spider-Man, the disbandment of the X-Men, the flaws of the Ultimates), there are redeeming features and the heroes therein are capable of greatness. Best emphasized when the same heroes Galactus wrote off as hopeless and broken, manage to band together and defeat him.
    Galactus: This Universe is broken!!