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Heartwarming / Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

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  • The way Sakura and Syaoran smile at each other in the first opening (followed by the way Tomoyo smiles at them... albeit from the bushes with her camera).
  • Continuity Snarl notwithstanding, the Clear Card Arc anime (but not the manga) brings back Canon Foreigner Meiling, who is still very much a presence (with even a focus-story in Episodes 13 to 16 when she visits Japan — and actually stays with Sakura during this time instead of Syaoran). Even prior to her visit she's occasionally seen or heard contacting Sakura on the phone, showing that they are still good friends.
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  • Sakura and Syaoran's date at the aquarium in Episode 9, which nicely parallels Sakura's date with Yukito in the previous series.
  • Episode 14:
    • There is a really adorable scene between Sakura and Syaoran. During this time, everyone is being turned into various animals due to a card. She senses the presence but has trouble locating it and is slowly stressing out as the situation escalates. Syaoran uses time magic and gets to her, but notices her becoming increasingly worried. He then hugs her to cool her down and have her slowly think through the situation, but due to the time magic, Syaoran is passing out. This gives her everything she needs to capture the card and at this point, one of the sweetest moments between the couple.
    • Meiling tells Syaoran, who is exhausted from magical overuse, that she is upset that she doesn't have magic to help Syaoran and Sakura. Syaoran tells her that even without it, she has helped both them a lot.
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  • Episode 16 again focuses on Sakura and Meiling's friendship. They both finally get a chance to capture a card together (they have in the past but she was very much supporting Syaoran during that time, this time it's only Meiling supporting Sakura) and when Meiling is getting ready to return to Hong Kong, she asks Sakura if it's okay to call her by her first name as well.
  • Episode 21 has Sakura capture a Clear Card version of Mirror. She then gets an idea to use Mirror onto her Flight card to have two sets of them, one for her and another for Syaoran. They then start flying together and basically start dancing in the sky. At the end of this sequence, Syaoran pulls her into a tight hug and promises that he will make sure she is never unhappy.
  • Chapter 24:
    • Akiho hesitates to acknowledge that she and Sakura are similar. However, once Tomoyo confirms it and says Sakura would be happy to hear that, Akiho also lightens up and says she too is really pleased.
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    • The Sakura Cards are concerned and worried for Syaoran, and he calls them his allies in protecting Sakura.

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