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The Blog Cast:

  • Any of Power's interactions with Lemmy or Miyu.
    • One of the greatest moments between Power and Lemmy is the finale to the fifth arc, when Power has Lemmy take him to when she was two so he can read her a story to put her to sleep. Seeing Power try so hard to be a good father, especially when he thinks he won't be around for her, is just adorable.
  • When Power begins to copy moves from his friends and anime, one of the moves he uses is a shout-out to the I've-Got-The-Best-Wife-In-The-Universe SWING!, simply replacing "Wife" with "Fiance". Unlike the other moves, however, he uses his natural voice, instead of trying to copy Dyakka's, showing that despite having to leave her, Power truly did care about Tsuruya,
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  • During Power's Double Road speech, the images of those who have died and those who will surpass him appear as those Power wants to honor. Among them, Akagi, Magnesteel and Lai are shown. All three were Big Bads at one time or another. And Power has truly honored them in the fight. (Akagi wanting to make a world without war, Magnesteel wanting to defeat death and Lai having been killed by Frank.)
  • As noted on the main page, Power's attempt to stay together with Tsuruya, knowing they would inevitably split up, shows how much he really did love her.
  • In episode 26 of the F-Kira arc, Shinobu defending Jerrica from Aisha's psychical and verbal attacks, followed by her saying she's very proud of Jerrica.



  • Power giving Todoroki the leadership badge in Rewrite, telling him it looks good on him. Followed by a shout-out to the first episode of Ninin Ga Shinobuden.
    Shinobu: It's true. You really can't buy great memories.

Blog Cast Evolution:

  • In Episode 6, Power asks Miyu why she didn't want to become Lai's heiress. Miyu responses by saying that she just loves traveling with Power more.
    • Power has a similar moment in Episode 7 when, presented with a world where Kaede is alive, he still chooses to travel with Miyu, stating he enjoys traveling with her too.


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