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Fridge Brilliance

  • Power makes a big deal about being able to copy his friend's moves. Recall that GoldPsy, his teacher, can nearly copy the appearance of anybody. Also consider GoldPsy's body stays the same, with him just changing the color of his skin, eyes and hair, while Power still adds a major part of himself to the moves he copies.
  • Why was Frank more worried about Power defeating him with the Automail Break than a simple punch? He was obsessed with Power being a cyborg because of the metal arm, he completely forgot Power had another arm!
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  • At the beginning of Season 4, it's mentioned Power went on a job search in order to make money without relying on Tsuruya's family too much. At first it seems like it's just the set up for the Running Gag that starts later in the season. However, it ends up foreshadowing the averted Hard Work Hardly Works mentioned below. Power works for what he's got. He isn't just going to fall back on anything someone was born with, be it talent or money.
  • Related to the Darkest Hour on the main page. After Power snapped out of his depressed state, the opening and endings changed. The opening? Winterlong, when it was strongly hinted Kaede was killed right before winter. Then ending? Ray of Light!

Fridge Horror

  • It's said in-series that in Kenji's world, he never met the Blog Cast, so Power and Daisuke died taking down F-Kira. Remember what was said above about Lemmy? There's a potentional world out there where Lemmy was conceived later, or not at all. Daisuke and Tsuruya would have died, probably being the last nail in the coffin for Power, leaving Shinobu, who was too busy raising her children, and Frank, who was F-Kira. This would have likely lead to Frank killing Shinobu. Not only did Lemmy being born allow the war to be won, it saved (or at least extended) the lives of every major hero left in the series. Now, remembering about Kenji, there could BE a world out there like that.
    • Added to it, the lives of F-Kira's assassins would have been much worse. Todoroki would still be crippled and trust noone (except maybe Jerrica). Jerrica herself wouldn't have opened up as much. Kurosaki would have been dead. Karame not only would have died, but also wouldn't have spent his sister's last moments with her. Hayden probably would have been emotionally crushed. Balthor would have been killed and Aisha likely along with him.

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