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Heartwarming / Being Dead Ain't Easy

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  • Joey dies saving Kaiba and Mokuba, and he attempts to save their driver as well.
  • Joey spent the first few weeks of being a ghost spending time with his friends and family, noting that the shock of his death got his father to finally stop drinking.
  • Yugi attempts to cheer Kaiba up by playing Duel Monsters with him. Joey's description of his face is both funny and sweet.
    He gazes up at him with great big violet eyes that belong on someone half his age. I hate it when Yugi does that. You can't argue with the guy when he looks so... ugh... adorable. Make him stop, Kaiba!
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  • When Joey finally convinces Kaiba of his existence, he tells him to go find his friends.
  • While negotiating with Yami Bakura, Ryou wakes up and is instantly knocked out, leaving Joey to wonder if he's okay before they move on.
  • Yami Bakura promises to help Joey if he helps him steal the Millennium Puzzle. Joey instantly refuses, even though refusing help would mean he'd cease to exist.
    "Foolish boy! This is the preservation of your soul we are negotiating for! Is it truly worth so little to you?"
    "No. Yugi's just worth that much more to me."
  • Kaiba spends almost every waking hour trying to find some way to save Joey, then immediately runs off to confront a dangerous criminal. Mokuba speaks to Joey even though he can't see or hear him, apologizes for not finding a way to help, and asks what he should do. Joey immediately heads off to save Kaiba.
    "...What if he doesn't come back, Joey? What do I do?"
    I make a decision. It's an easy one. "Don't worry 'bout it, kiddo." I stand in front of his little huddled body and make a promise. "Joey'll make sure he doesn't get himself killed. I'll go get his stupid ass and drag him back here."
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  • Seto becomes so desperate to save Joey he goes against his wishes and finds Ryou Bakura, who asks if he needs help with homework before Yami Bakura takes over. When the spirit demands a Millennium Item or something of equal value, Kaiba offers him KaibaCorp.
  • Joey is convinced he's not going to make it even with the ritual, but Yugi is able to convince him to not give up just by looking at him.
    He got this intense look in his eyes, trying to make me believe. I open my mouth, close it again. When he looks at me like that... Okay, Yugi. No saying words we don't need to say. I mean, we don't need to say anything, right? All I have to do is look in your eyes, and all you have to do is look in mine.
    No goodbyes, 'cause this is gonna work.
  • Upon learning that his imminent cessation of existence is Kaiba's fault, Joey forces him to apologize for wrecking his life and death. Kaiba actually does.
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  • The ritual to save Joey involves donating energy from his friends, which they agree to immediately despite reservations with who's performing said ritual.
  • On the way to save Joey's un-life, all of his friends get heartwarming moments.
    • Yugi manages to see him briefly and tries to give him a huge hug. When Joey tries to apologize for spending more time with Kaiba than with him, Yugi instantly forgives him and helps him believe that the ritual to save him will work.
    • Tristan apologizes for punching out Kaiba at a really bad time. Joey forgives him because he would have done the same thing.
    • Tea says that no matter what happens, they'll always be with Joey and he'll always be with them in their hearts.
  • Mokuba demands to participate in the ritual because he couldn't forgive himself if not participating meant Joey or Seto would die.
  • After the ritual is completed, Joey wakes up in a Soul Room. After some searching, he finds Kaiba, who gives him a huge hug.
  • Joey's speech to save Kaiba from being trapped in the Soul Room. Insulting him doesn't work, and when he tries to fight him he gets beat up. Joey realizes he has to be ruthless, so he slams him into a wall and tells Kaiba point-blank that even though he sucks, Mokuba thinks he's going to wake up, so Joey's going to make him wake up and there's nothing he can do to stop him.
  • When Kaiba tries to scare Joey off by kissing him, Joey stares at him until he blinks and does the same thing right back. Both are very freaked out at it, but it's enough to make Seto agree to leave when Joey asks him if he has what it takes to come with him and find out what it means.


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