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Heartwarming / Avengers vs. X-Men

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  • In AvX #0, after Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman help out the Scarlet Witch, Wanda is understandably nervous meeting them due to her past. But Ms. Marvel is simply happy to meet her again, and tries to get her to reconnect to the Avengers, saying "Once an Avenger, always an Avenger".
  • Spider-Man's speech to Hope to help her cope with her destiny. It's a comforting one and a close as he shares with her the tragedy that shaped how he became who he was. It was also a Moment of Awesome as we see the wise true hero underneath the jokes and Hope becomes in awe of him. Also a Funny Moment in that the one speech changed her from thinking he's an idiot to admiring him, wanting to know if Uncle Ben said anything else and even considering modifying her outfit to looking more like his.
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  • When Captain America calls the Illuminati in New Avengers vol. 2 29, there are many of these moments. To Xavier calling Scott, his son and the student he was most proud of. Along with when Namor met Captain America at the meeting before Namor attacked Wakanda, and Capt told Namor that they were brothers.
  • In Uncanny X-Men 19, Cyclops's reaction to mutants being saved. Earlier in the same issue:
    "Tell Logan I love the school's name."