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  • "The High Priest of the Panther Clan? But... you are the High Priest."
  • At the Illuminati meeting.
    Dr. Strange: Dr. Richards.
    Reed Richards: Dr. Strange.
    Tony Stark: You guys love calling yourself doctor. I have three doctorates. You don't see me...
    Reed Richards: Doctor Stark.
    Tony Stark: Thank you.
  • In the space of a lecture, Hope Summers goes from thinking Spider-Man is an idiot, to becoming a fangirl babbling about getting a costume like his. He requests she doesn't, because "there are like about 8 Spidey-Ladies."
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  • AvX Versus #6 — Squirrel Girl and Pixie adorably create the entire war with a bunch of tiny toys that were created by Puppet Master.
  • In the same issue, the science battle.
    • One of the combatants is Leonardo da Vinci (from Hickman's SHIELD).
    • "Stop talking about your imaginary unit, Nemesis! It's making us all uncomfortable!"
    • "That's what happens when you put Wolverine in charge of education!"
    • The visual of Dr. Kavita Rao, a woman of average strength, strangling Iron Man. In her defense, his helmet is off.
    • Everyone in lab coats, including Tony (who is also in his Powered Armor from the neck down), Beast (a big blue gorilla), Black Panther (who is in his full costume under the lab coat) and Giant man (in giant form).
    • The winner? "We have no idea!"
  • The Babies spin-off. ALL OF IT!
    • "The book you're about to read doesn't really have anything to do with the AvX event, but it does have baby versions of the Avengers and X-Men fighting each other. So, yeah, you're buying a book where babies fight babies. What does that say about you?"
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  • Spider-Man's various quips during his fight with Jugger-Collossus (Molten Marshmellows indeed).
  • Tony explaining to Cap what he has to do to stop the Phoenix or at least try to. Cap's response to if he understands him: "don't have a clue".
  • AvX Versus #1:
    Namor: So, I propose...
    Thing: When you gonna get it through your skull that no member of the Fantastic Four wants to marry you!
    • Related to this, when the two battle in Tabula Rasa, Savage the Apex follows them around, studying them with a thoughtful internal monologue about their power and passion... then politely inquires if they're going to mate after this, as he hasn't yet studied human mating rituals. The expressions that follow have to be seen to be believed.
  • AvX Versus #2:
    Spider-Man: How about forgetting this... and settling it... with a thumb war? (Colossus grabs him by the neck) I take that back. You've got enormous thumbs.


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