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Heartwarming / Avengers Undercover

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  • Hearing how Cammi's return helped her mother get over seven years of alcoholism.
    • And an apparently pretty light bout with death.
  • Even after she and the group give him and the rest of the Young Masters a sound thrashing when they enter Bagalia, Excavator and his crew still jump to Deathlocket's defense when a creepy mad-scientist starts perv-ing out over her Deathlok implants.
    Excavator: Sorry about that guy. Some people have no manners at all.
    Deathlocket: Thanks. Yeah... Scientists get kind of "excited" around my Deathlok stuff. It's really not a big-
    Excavator: Yeah, it is. It is a big deal. You're not a science experiment. You don't have to take that kind of crap. Not here. So look, I'm called "The Excavator." And in honor of you royally whipping me earlier, I was hoping I could buy you a taco.
    Deathlocket (with a huge smile): Deal.
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  • Mavis Benally (Cammi's mother) promising to do anything necessary in order to ensure Cammi and the rest of the kids aren't made out to be the villains after they kill Arcade. Even after Cammi tells her that all she cares about now is that her mother takes care of herself and continues to get better, Mavis still insists on fighting tooth and nail for all of them, especially for her daughter.
    Mavis: Because, you're the one part of my wasted life worth any of this. It's you that yanks me out of bed in the morning and past that bar every night. You're the best thing I ever did and I don't care how much it costs or whose lip I have to bloody... Nobody is taking you away from me again.
  • Damian Hellstrom, Son of Satan, has taken to helping Nico figure herself out in the aftermath of Avengers Arena, giving her counsel and reassuring her that she doesn't need to figure this out all on her own, that he's willing to be her teacher through this tough time in her life, and that she needs friends too.
    Nico: I've just... I've run so far, trying to escape my parents. To avoid becoming them. But look at me. After all of that, I'm a killer just like they were.
    Hellstrom: Nah, you just got screwed over one too may times and something kinda snapped. It happens. Doesn't mean you've turned into your parents. Maybe you aren't exactly Captain Marvel either, but that's okay. There's a middle ground in between the two. A nice comfortable gray area where most of us live our lives. You don't have to figure this stuff out on your own. I know it's hard to believe, but there are people who can relate to what you're going through.

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