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Heartwarming / And The Meek Shall Inherit The Galaxy

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  • While it ends up building fences very high and making others angry (simply because humanity is much more daring and sticks close to its allies), Humanity's interactions with others, especially their allies, are part of why this fic is so good. When they get into fights with other races, it's almost always because they refuse to let their friends suffer at their expense. Simply put, Humanity is the catalyst (oh geez, not THAT Catalyst) around which the dispossessed and those who were flung to the wayside can find new hope.
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  • During the First Contact with the Quarians, Hannah Shepard (Player Shepard's mom) and Rael'Zorah, bond over the major thing they have in common, their children.
  • Wrex hears about the Bill of Sentient Rights and gains the hope necessary to help him start rebuilding his people into something better. It's very satisfying here because you actually get to hear that the Krogan aren't just becoming strongmen again (though they don't leave that part behind), it actually mentions that they're building schools, hospitals, and trying to grow crops. In short, Wrex, along with Eve/Bakara, succeeds in making the Krogan something more than a gun to be fired. All of this culminates in one of the most awesome and heartwarming sequences ever involving Krogan. After the Genophage is cured, they all gather at the Hollows (the place where Wrex's dad tried to kill him) and take solemn oaths to never again let themselves be the monsters they were before. It all builds up to them making the Oath of Protection, which spiritually binds them to the League aka the Humans and Quarians. The Oath (which is sworn by every Krogan Clan and all of their members) states that they will henceforth be the defenders of the League, that they will no longer be the blight they once were, that instead of destroying, they would protect. It's an incredibly heartfelt moment.
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  • The way the author makes sure to weave the other races into the story. The Author makes it apparent that the Humans, Quarians, and later on, the Krogans, consider each other close enough that the fact that they are different species, doesn't matter anymore.
  • The entirety of Jack being Bakara and Wrex's adopted child.
  • After forming the Independent League with the Quarians, humans adopt their naming pattern of adding where they were born, such as John'Shepard nar Arcturus.


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