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Funny / And The Meek Shall Inherit The Galaxy

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  • Chapter 33: Garrus "creatively interprets" instructions to come first in an obstacle course.
  • A hilarious usage of Ironic Description Cut in Chapter 8 where Benezia, while relating her experiences with the humans to her daughter Liara, contrasts the Humans to the Krogans, saying that the Humans can learn, the Krogans don't and can't. Cut to an STG listening post where, due to Wrex's leadership Mordin Solus notices that the Krogans are learning. Plays out like this:
    Benezia (On Thessia): "Naturally. They're not like the Krogan, who never changed. They can learn."
    (Cut to STG Listening Post for Tuchanka)
    Mordin Solus: "They're learning."


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