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Heartwarming / And Around Again A Cinderella Phenomenon Tale

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  • Chapter 31: Lucette falls asleep getting held by Waltz and knowing that he'll be there the next morning, in contrast to the morning after the wedding night, where the cycle reseted.
  • Chapter 50: Lucette and Jurien bonding over how much they miss Waltz and Garlan respectively. And Jurien telling Lucette to get Garlan to confess to her next cycle.
    Lucette: He wanted me to encourage him to confess to you in the next cycle.
    Jurien: Do it. Both of the Bearers he was sent to agreed to help you, so he has done his part to help end this. He deserves another chance.
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  • Nieva, Myth's daughter, getting adopted by Delora.
  • Lucette meeting her parents-in-law while about to give birth and talking to them about Waltz.
  • Lucette getting her child and naming it after her father and her husband.
  • When the group arrives back from getting rid of Hildyr permanently by portal and notice that the portal made them 'miss' time and how the child would not need to go into stasis after all.
  • Lucette telling her father how she will not keep him from holding his grandson.


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