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Funny / And Around Again A Cinderella Phenomenon Tale

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  • Chapter 1: After Karma leaves the store:
    Emelaigne: "Ah. That lady was beautiful!"

    Viorica: "Right? Any girl standing next to her becomes hopelessly ugly in comparison."

    Emelaigne: "Who is she?"

    Lucette (thinking): A cross-dressing lost, cursed crown prince that turns into a beast when he falls in love.

  • During the cycle where Lucette kept her magic there is this snippet when she meets Chevalier again and her thought she keeps to herself (may also crossing into Tearjerk):
    "As dangerous as she is beautiful then," Rumpel muses. "What an adventure being your paramour would be!"
    You have no idea how right you are about that. The survival rate isn't that good....
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  • The moment Klaude and Delora figure out that their coverstory to travel to another Bearer is to be lovers.
  • After going back in time for the last cycle, Lucette writes her father a letter why she is not comming to have breakfast with them. Reading the letter and her thought about hoping that he isn't going to choke while reading it, is what really sells it.
  • The whole talk that happens when the others catch up with her in the secret passage has something morbid and hilarious to it.
  • The explanation what happened when Klaude and Delora were away to contact other Bearers.
  • Nieva shouting to Delora to say 'yes', just as Regius is about to propose, but didn't ask the question yet.
  • When Lucette comes back from the Throne of Gods and shows her infant to her father, Fritz finally gets together with Emelaigne and starts kissing her. On Rod's question if they were just going to ignore that, everyone answers with yes.


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