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Heartwarming / American Graffiti

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  • The radio station's night manager really Wolfman Jack having a conversation with Curt about about going back East to college — and getting out into the world — encouraging the young man to enjoy life while he can. Also constantly offering Curt a Popsicle as a kind of sacred offering.
  • And offering to get Curt's message to the Wolfman so he can get it out there to the Girl in the T-Bird. Which he promptly does as Curt looks back and realizes what just happened.
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  • What started off as an embarrassing prank on John — tricking him into babysitting the way-too-young Carol — ends up as a chaste romance as the two bond during the night's cruising. Although they both know in the end that the age difference between them would make it impossible for a real relationship to work.


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