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  • The Christmas episode where Alf prevents a suicide, befriends a terminally ill little girl, and convinces a young mother to name her new baby "Tiffany" after said girl. And the episode was dedicated to a real life Tiffany who died of cancer.
  • The Valentine's Day special at the nursing home: Alf helps a washed-up old actress learn to enjoy life again.
  • In the "Turkey in the Straw" two-parter, ALF befriends a homeless man named Flakey Pete. When the family finds out, they rush to make sure he's okay and then reprimand him about letting his guard down around him.
    ALF: Oh lighten up, Willie. It's Fapiano. Besides, aren't you always telling me that under the skin—or in my case, fur, or in Pete's case, a ratty overcoat—we're all pretty much the same: a little needy, a little insecure, but decent and good?
    Willie: (to Pete) Listen, ALF is stranded here. He doesn't have any place else to go. I know he looks like an alien to you, but he's a member of our family. We've gotta protect him. We can't let anything happen to him. Do you understand?
    Pete: Yeah. I do.
    • Pete actually did call the Alien Task Force for reward money, but then he got to know ALF and got worried what the government would do to him. When the agents show up, Pete claims to be the alien and acts like a Cloudcuckoolander to make them drive off in disgust. Best of all, the family thought he stepped out to wash up and were none the wiser.
      Willie: Everything all right?
      Pete: Everything's great! Thanks!
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  • The episode where Raquel sees ALF and tries to tell everyone but is disbelieved and ridiculed by everyone and has a minor breakdown... until ALF, feeling guilty for causing her so much grief, interferes with her TV signal and contacts her from his "spaceship" (in reality the Tanner's garage) to tell her that he is real and she's not losing her mind.
    "There are many things in this universe you're not meant to understand. Now, that doesn't mean they're not real. I'm real, and whether other people believe you or not, you know I'm real."
  • ALF changing Eric's diaper in "Baby, Come Back".


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