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  • There are several episodes where Willie complains about ALF's laziness, not having a job, and not contributing any kind of money for the Tanner household. But, then there's the occasional episode where ALF actively tries to get a job to earn more money for the Tanners (such as the one where ALF takes up being a make-up salesperson), and Willie gripes about ALF doing something that could get him caught and taken away by the government. So, what the heck does Willie even expect from ALF?
    • Willie can come off as very indecisive and hypocritical at times. He cares more about his family (including Alf) making budget cuts rather than finding a better-paying job. His current job doesn't really pay much, yet Willie's adamant about keeping it instead of expanding his income which of course would definitely benefit his family more so than keeping his current job. In a Season 2 episode, he deliberately turned down a job promotion that would get him a salary raise just because he couldn't handle the additional responsibilities.
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    • I don't think Willie's such an intelligent man or a good decision-maker. He very poorly handles the way things go on in the house due to being a Bumbling Dad, as he always lets random strangers into the house (instead of just going outside to talk to them) often putting Alf's safety at risk.

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