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Heartwarming / A Force of Four

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  • Power Girl and Jimmy Olsen have a long talk where the Superman’s Pal tells what it was like when he showed up back in 1938.
  • At the beginning Wonder Woman's daughter Fury openly dislikes Power Girl. At the end she thinks Kara is a true Amazon.
  • While fighting U-Ban, Kara hears her cousin’s voice encouraging her to fight on, and stating she’s the only deserving of the title of “Last Child of Krypton”.
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  • Later Kara tells Lois Lane that she heard or believed to hear Kal’s voice. Lois burst into tears.
  • Queen Hippolyta and Fury have the next exchange during one battle:
    Hippolyta: If any of our allies survive this day, let Kara's name be written on our rolls as an honorary Amazon. And if any are left alive to write of this battle, let them say that four Amazons met their foes in unequal battle this day, and defied Mars to the last drop of their spilled blood.
    Lyta: (quietly) I love you, grandmother.
    Hyppolyta: And I you, granddaughter.


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