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  • Once upon a time the younger heroes crashed a meeting of the JSA and offered their service. The Society members were less than enthused over their offering.
    Before long, she and Hector hooked up with several other JSA-related kids of their generation, and they crashed an emergency meeting of the Society on Christmas Eve of ‘83. They'd offered their services and asked to be signed up on the spot.
    The JSA members gave them a welcome less warm than the snowy streets outside.
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  • Queen Hippolyta reveals off-handily that her granddaughter has given herself to a man, a funny fact Lyta neglected to mention. Diana is shocked and Lyta horrified.
    "Even so," said Hippolyta, "she has greater than mortal years ahead of her, but less even than her mother, who renounced immortality at a later date than her, and much less than a pure Amazon who has not renounced the Waters of Youth. So there are fewer days to you, Lyta, than you might expect. Use them wisely while you do have them."
    Wonder Woman's eyes widened. "Mother, what are you saying? Are you saying that Lyta has—"
    Lyta's eyes were widening at the same time that her skin was flushing crimson.
    Diana finally finished the sentence. "—has given herself to a man?"
    "Ohhhhhhh, hell," muttered Lyta, and hid her face in her hands.
    That was when a warning siren went off.
    Lyta was never so grateful for such a sound in her entire life.
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  • Power Girl is good at messing her enemies' heads up:
    Badra: So you see, I came from a world not unlike Krypton. Had you arrived several decades earlier, we might well have been allies. Friends.
    Kara: Oh, I don't think so. And, you know, in my whole career as a superhero, there's something that's always been missing.
    Badra: ...
    Kara: I've never really met a woman who I could turn loose on. I mean, Mala and company are nice, if they're not going two-on-one against you. But there's really nothing like going up against somebody of your own sex. It's fairer. It's more invigorating. I haven't gone a round with Diana, except maybe for some arm-rassling, and I haven't even done that with Fury. But you and me? Why, I can just see us both pulling hair, punching faces, kickin' and scratchin' to beat the band. I'll bet the men would just love it. The first Kryptonian-Hatorian catfight. What do you say?
    Badra: (widening eyes) ...
    Kizo: Mala... I think I would enjoy it.
    Mala: Shut up, brother.
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  • The four villains are banished to the Phantom Zone and are met by the remaining inmates. They don't get along.
    Kizo: <You came from a copy of Krypton. We came from the original.>
    Jax-Ur: <You can take both Kryptons, and you know where you can put them,>
  • At the end, Badra and Faora Hu-Ul meet and collude to kill both Power Girl and Supergirl. Nonetheless, Badra brings up a tiny, bothersome detail:
    Faora told Badra that the Zone could be escaped, at times. She and her fellows had done so before. When they did it next, she agreed to accept Badra's help in destroying Supergirl, as long as she got to do the real killing. If they emerged in Earth-Two's universe, they would collaborate against Power Girl.
    <But, if you have escaped from the Zone many times,> asked Badra once, <why is it that your Superman and Supergirl yet survive?>
    Faora had fixed her with a steely eye.
    <Next time,> she sent. <Next time, it will be different.>


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