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Heartwarming / A Dovahkiin Spreads His Wings

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As per Tv Tropes policy, this page is Spoilers Off on any and all plot points. You Have Been Warned!

  • Jon has left everything and everyone he knew behind when he ran away from Winterfell, he became wealthy and famous in Skyrim, he outright confesses he would like nothing more than forget his past and fully integrate in Tamriel and yet he goes back to Westeros just because his favourite baby sister Arya sent him a letter.
  • For all his political and trading calculations, Wyman Manderly did genuinely worry for the young Jon, feeling the boy was a mite too melancholic and offering to foster him (which Ned rejected). When he realizes the youth actually is there in Whiteport, his joy is immediate and sincere.
  • All the direwolves glomping Ghost when their lost sibling appears in Winterfell. Also serves as Five-Second Foreshadowing to the Stark children's reaction to Jon's return:
    • Arya is the first to jump on Jon. Yes, he did receive her letter.
    • Bran confesses he actually dreamt of Jon coming back.
    • Rickon first acts shyly in front of the apparent stranger... until Jon gently nudges his memory, prompting the boy to remember who gifted him his favourite toy.
    • Robb looks ready and willing to tear Jon a new stripe for running away, only to grab the other youth and sob because he really, really missed Jon.
  • The butcher incident might have set the stage for Jon's estrangement from the Starks and Ned specifically, but it also gave him a deeper understanding of Theon. Irreverent, crass and sullen the Ironborn ward might be, he immediately jumped to Jon's defense when he saw the boy about to be sexually assaulted and later explained him why he did when even Ned refused.
  • In spite of Catelyn and Sansa's coldness and hostility towards him, Jon still brought a gift for them, and he specifically picked something Sansa would like.
  • Arya states that, as much as Sansa irritates her, she's still worried Sansa will get hurt in the South, so she will protect her big sister when the time comes.
  • Ned's rage might have prevented this, but Benjen proposed to claim Jon as his bastard son, because he felt heartbroken over his role in Lyanna's elopement and wanted to care for her child.
    • Lyanna apparently reciprocated her younger brother's affection, since she briefly considered to name her baby Benjen if male.
  • Elia Martell, full-stop. The Princess' knee-jerk reaction to her husband falling for another woman was to embrace Lyanna as a sister and the friend she never had in King's Landing, even gifting her heirloom jewellry to show she considered the she-wolf as family. Elia also confessed she felt comforted by the perspective of her children not being left motherless once her bad health would finally catch to her, and was overjoyed by the prospect of Rhaenys and baby Aegon having a baby sibling.
    • Elia's love is ultimately vindicated — Jon openly calls her his stepmother and is no less eager to avenge her death than he is to avenge his half-siblings'.
  • Heavily mixed with Tear Jerker, Lyanna's last letter ends up with a Dying Declaration of Love for her unborn son, telling him he was wanted and cherished by his three parents: Lyanna, Rhaegar and Elia.
  • Arya's decision to follow Jon in King's Landing, even if it means she's going to be ladylike and follow orders. She really cares for her brother.
  • Jon discreetly intervenes when Joffrey tries to bully Mycah the butcher boy, allowing the young peasant to flee with his life.
  • After seeing Jon using magic, Arya innocently asks if he can turn into animals. He can't, but he offers to teach her some spells, and she immediately accepts.
  • No matter how much she feels intimidated by the Queen, Shireen immediately hardens when the older woman casually insults Davos Seaworth for his lowborn origins and verbally backhands Cersei to defend her guardian's honor.
  • Jon quickly understands the true nature of Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell's relationship, and is utterly cool with it. He later admits he's actually bisexual to both of them so they would know their secret is safe with him.
  • After winning the prize for the melee, Jon decides he won't bring the money back to Skyrim. One half will be given to his family, and the other will be invested as charity, to feed the poor in King's Landing for the winter.
  • Barristan Selmy is secretly hinted to have guessed the true royal parentage of Jon. What does he do with this info? Nothing — he's just happy to watch over the boy, seeing by himself that Rhaegar's last surviving child is everything the Silver Prince promised to be: thoughtful, brave and above all, kind.
  • Mixed with hilarity, but when Jon needs to pretend he's already engaged, the woman he picks as his "betrothed" is Serana. And when she learns about it, she actively plays along. Ship Tease, so very much.
  • Sansa and Arya's reactions to Jon's "betrothal": Sansa almost swoons in front of Serana's apparent commitment to her future husband - following him to another continent - while Arya is mainly irked about her brother not telling him such an important secret. Childish, yes. Adorable? Yes.
    • Arya later interrogates Serana about the reasons why she would marry Jon. It's partially because the girl wants to be sure her brother won't be unhappy with a lady not reciprocating his affections, and it's partially because Arya herself feels unsecure regarding marriage and trusted her future sister-in-law to be honest with her.
  • Among all the horror of Euron's pirate depredations on the North, there is a rather dark moment: Theon murders a ravager for implying his older sister Asha — whom he didn't see for more than a decade — is currently tortured and wishing for death.
  • Robert on his deathbed summons Jon to thank him for being a friend to Myrcella and Tommen, before asking the youth to take care of Ned. As self-absorbed he can be, Robert is still aware his best friend is going to need support after his demise.
    • In the same scene Robert also comments that Jon should have been his and Lyanna's son. Word of God says that somewhat, subconsciously he knows who Jon truly is. Robert also comments that he would have preferred Jon to be the Crown Prince and King in waiting.
  • Jon and Serana hooking up for real after Serana confesses her feelings.
  • Valerica telling Jon to make sure that Serana and Arya get out of the city — she might show it strangely but she clearly cares for them.
  • Despite being a self-proclaimed coward, Sam did not hesitate from trying to save Shireen from the Lannisters.
    • After being fatally wounded, Selyse tells Shireen, in her own way, that she loves her and regrets not being a better mother. She also tells Davos to protect Shireen and love her like a daughter, which he sincerely promises. Her last request is for Valerica to kill her quickly so that she would not be interrogated and used as a hostage against Shireen.
  • Despite Serana disliking Sansa very much, she still saves the girl and tries to get her to safety because Jon asked her to do so.
  • Myrcella trying to warn Sansa away despite being threatened by Lannister guards.
  • When Jon comes to the Pink Lantern to get Mhaegan and Barra out of the city, Chataya holds a knife to his throat to make sure he doesn't mean Mhaegan harm. When he offers her money to let them leave, Chataya blows up at him, telling him she cares about her girls' safety, not the money they can fetch her. Then, when the guards finally arrive, Chataya lets the two leave through a back door while she and the other girls go to distract the guards.
  • When she needs to ask for help with her hair (after it got bloodied), who does Myrcella go to? Arya. Even after Arya warns her that she'll likely do a shoddy job, Myrcella doesn't care: she wants a person she trusts to do it. Then, when she breaks down over Tommen's death and the fact that she killed Joffrey, Arya does her best to console her.
  • Some time after Jon's disappearance, Ned came up to Theon and apologized for not treating him as well as he should have, offering to start doing it now.
    • Theon praises Jon's skills, telling Ned that, wherever Jon's gone to, he's likely going to be fine.
  • When Theon reveals his plans to Robb (escape to find his mother and sister and avoid the death sentence hanging over his head) Robb tells him he will help him fake his death so no one will try to find him. They share a Man Hug.
  • As Gendry is moping over his life being completely overturned, Enzo points out that gave him the opportunity to become an older brother to his bastard half-siblings. Gendry concedes it's a pretty great compensation.
  • Oberyn spending time with his daughters. He loves to watch them as they learn new skills.
  • Right after unveiling his true parents' identity, Jon immediately reassures Arya that of course he's still her big brother.
  • Once the initial panic disappears, everyone marvels at the sight of Jon's baby dragon. Tyrion in particular looks ready to die from sheer happiness, as one of his greatest childhood dreams is coming true.
  • Jon accepting Barristan's offer of telling him about Rhaegar and Elia and their children. It's even sweeter since it's the first opportunity in a very, very long time for the old knight to openly speak of the Silver Prince as a friend he held dear.
  • There's three portraits in Stannis' bedroom: one of his parents, one of his wedding day (noted to be dusty yet him having a picture of Selyse in his room talks rather loud) and one of baby Shireen in her cradle. The third is the most well-cared for.
  • The Tyrells rallying around Margaery when she wakes up, with Mace swearing bloody revenge against Cersei for her maiming and Olenna gifting her a pretty eyepatch to help with her scarring. On a more bitter note, Margaery frets about Renly never waking up because she knows how devastated her brother Loras would be to lose his lover.